solar power system for home



Grid tied solar system

Are you fed up with dealing with your electric utility and the inconsistent utilities it offers? You’re not alone. Taken for granted, most customers of these big power companies aren’t given quality customer service or competitive pricing that reflects their usage levels. And as power plants across the country continue to age and close, there is a major shortage of adequate grid capacity without new investments in transmission lines which also carries significant cost overruns. On one hand we have aging infrastructure struggling to keep up with increased generating needs due to more stringent regulations imposed by governments and on the other we have an energy transition generating abundant renewable resources but no place for them to go!

Home depot solar panels

Do you want to save on your electric bills? Reduce your carbon footprint without going off the grid with a low-maintenance, environment friendly energy system for your home. Home Depot solar panels can generate power for any part of a residential or commercial building and will eventually pay for themselves if installed correctly inside a sunny location. Get in touch with our team members from Worcester MA today at 413-216-9053

Solar installation company

Located in Worcester, MA and serving all of New England, SolarWindow Technologies is a renewable energy company that installs cutting-edge solar power systems for residential and commercial clients. Their premiere photovoltaic panels are made from a proprietary silicon material with the potential to be the world’s most innovative solar cells ever designed. And because they're so lightweight, they can be laid down flat on roofs or angled on facades—creating glistening new power sources not just for homes but also schools, libraries, museums and senior centers. Whether you want to save money by reducing your electricity bill or you want to do something good for the environment while lowering your carbon footprint... we can help!

Solar panels for home use

Most people are aware of the implications if their home is using coal or gas generators to power their house. These methods can often be pricey and involve environmental consequences for this growing problem. Enter Home Solar Worcester MA, which aims to educate homeowners about the solar panels they can install on their roofs, leading them into a greener lifestyle that will reduce electricity costs by 80%. With higher rates of push-back from consumers these days due to fear of installing something new in fear it will go out at any time, good prices for security devices make installation easy along with an efficient solar panel warranty program meaning you don’t have to worry about paying more money later down the line. The future is now with green energy!

Solar panel system for home

Maybe your green thumb is inadvertent or perhaps it marks a sense of responsibility towards the environment and for future generations, but regardless of what drove you to look into solar energy for your home, there's no turning back now! Installing panels offers peace of mind that comes from knowing you're investing in a cleaner planet while saving time, gas, and even future school tuition fees by reducing the need to pay electricity bills. Feeling lackadaisical? Unsure if going renewable is worth all this time spent deliberating between two competing sources of power?

Residential solar systems

Change your mind about solar panels. Let's be honest, when it comes to installing residential solar systems you're usually thinking of the man in overalls standing in sunlight on your roof or that confusing mishmash of cables which is normally strung all over the place. The Home Solar Worcester MA team eliminates these worries by using rooftop-ready panels and wiring equipment with innovative features like smart inverters, glass half-cells (don't worry they won't break), mounting ladders, and roof hooks for easy installation. Visit us today!